Energize Teams and Thrive
as a Transformational Leader Now

J2N empowers strategic change by enabling leaders to embrace and thrive in complex change situations.

The J2N Global mission is empowering transformational change within organizations by influencing leaders to embrace and thrive in change. We do this by embracing differences and leveraging opportunities to develop high-functioning leaders within teams, organizations, families, and communities.

J2N Global’s principle-based change leadership solutions helps organizations prepare for inevitable disruptions. J2N Global empowers leaders to turn uncertainty into opportunities using a simple yet profound platform to inspire authentic leadership and agility to manage and lead change.

Journey to Newland skillfully and creatively illustrates the process, principles, and capabilities required for successful transformational changes.

– Bob | Former Vice Chairman of the Board

Since entering into the J2N process we’ve developed a new level of respect and trust for each other which has ultimately helped to drive positive business results.

– Tom | Sales Leader

What I was able to see with J2N in simply a day made me feel like I got my MBA/Ph.D. in just hearing and watching the video about how organizations go thru change.

- Joe | Sr VP of HR/Organizational Development

It’s a very, very powerful tool when used effectively and consistently, can help you unlock the true potential that exists within your organization, give you a community that is sustainable, repeatable, and scalable, and ultimately puts you in a position to win in the marketplace.

- Kevin | Chief Human Resources Officer,

J2N process has helped our company evolve to an organization that is poised to bring change.

- David | Sales Manager

J2N has helped us to really create and form our culture and sustain it over time.

- Michelle | Human Resources

What J2N did was give us a system and a framework to communicate better with each other and drive business results by working closer together.

- Tim | CEO

It improves communications and teamwork, so it really does drive a culture of productivity and efficiency.

- Amanda | Learning and Development Director