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Powerful Transformational Leadership Services for Teams and Organizations Who Want to Be the Best

J2N’s principle-centered services provides long-lasting change and trust.

J2N Global helps organizations prepare for inevitable disruptions, empowering leaders to turn uncertainty into opportunities using a simple, universal platform to inspire authenticity and agility to manage and lead change. We meet organizations where they are, engaging our clients at different levels depending on where they are in their strategic change journey.

Some clients work best with a 1-2 day Change Leadership introduction.  Others need a partner to work closely with them throughout their change initiative. Some want the benefits of an executive coaching relationship to tap into expertise as needed throughout their journey.

Wherever you are on your journey, we are happy to help match a customized compelling experience using our scalable, principle-centered road map to meet your needs so you and your organization can lead, change and grow.

Change Leadership Workshop (J2NX)

The J2N Experience – J2NX – provides you with foundational insights on how to lead change. Content from this 1 to 2 day workshop is taught at the doctoral level. The active learning style and small group breakouts limit the audience to 9-15 participants. J2NX is perfect for the following setting:

  • Pre-Project Launch – project leaders and business sponsors connect using a J2NX session to build change leadership capabilities and team camaraderie
  • Guest Speaker – as part of your team’s off-site meeting or retreat, engage together in a J2NX session

Examples of content covered in J2NX:

  • Different change profiles of people and teams
  • How different mindsets impact change
  • How to handle resistance to change
  • Learning how to show respect as a platform for trust
  • How respect and trust increases your ability to influence others
  • See present and historical patterns to develop systems thinking
  • How to avoid accidental adversaries
J2N Successes
“I felt like I earned my PhD in a day”
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Strategic Change Consulting (Journey)

Our principle-centered change capability solution allows us the unique ability to execute a strategic change initiative with your team and build change capability within your organization at the same time. Each engagement is tailored to your unique situation. The J2N approach is:

  • Teach – Our experts introduce your core group to the J2N methodology and prepare them to lead the strategic initiative
  • Lead – Our experts partner with your leaders on the strategic initiative and infuse them with the capability to lead any change, anywhere, at anytime
  • Guide – As your leaders begin to build confidence leading change, our J2N experts continue to coach you step by step to ensure successful knowledge transfer
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Executive Coaching

Who do you turn to when you need an external perspective for your transformational change initiative? Many leaders don’t have a change leadership expert to turn to for ideas and innovations. J2N Global provides 1:1 coaching to help you or your leadership team develop their change leadership mindset and skill set.  Our coaching engagements are tailored to your unique situation and requirements. Together, we’ll understand your needs, define the relationship, identify the goals and desired outcome of our time together. We’re confident enough to commit that if you’re not happy with our coaching, you don’t pay.

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Guest Speaking

J2N Global CEO and President Bill Poole is an author and change leadership expert with more than 35 years of experience. Bill has engaged with numerous Fortune 500 organizations and notable universities and colleges speaking on productivity, breakthrough transformation, leadership development, trust and integrity, change capability, valuing differences and principle-centered leadership. In addition, Bill has served as a keynote speaker at many schools in North America. His topic – Leadership GAME – Guide, Align, Motivate, Empower laid the groundwork for much of his work today. J2N Global tailors our speaking engagements to your specific group interests and dynamics in three key focus areas:

  • Principle-centered leadership
  • Leading change
  • Diversity / Inclusion
  • Are You Leading Change or is Change Leading You?
  • Overcoming Resistance: See the Light, Feel the Heat
  • Mastering Transition: Building Your Bridge While You Walk Across
  • Two Words that Can Fix Almost Anything
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