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Introducing the Compassionate Transformation Team Who Makes Breakthroughs

J2N change leadership guides help you lead, change and grow your organization.

J2N Global provides change leadership consulting based on our unique change capability platform. We also lead a multi-national network of certified associates who localize J2N solutions in their countries and language.  J2N Global incorporates the wisdom of an elite group of advisory board members who offer insights and unique perspectives.

North American Team

Bill Poole

J2N Global Founder/CEO

Bill Poole, CEO and president, is an international author, speaker, coach, and consultant valued as an innovative pioneer in leadership and change solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. His groundbreaking materials evolved from more than 30 years of experience in the trenches coaching leaders in business, education, and non-profit organizations.

Both small and large successful global consulting partners seek out Bill’s consulting for growth transition and corporate M&A ventures. His partners appreciate his collaborative nature and creative processes for transformational change. Bill is honored to have helped partners like Nike, IBM, Coca-Cola, SONY, GE, General Mills, Bank of America, Adidas, AstraZeneca, L’Oréal, Nissan, CAT, McColl School of Business, Agricultural Bank of China lead, change, and grow on their successful journeys.

Bill leads a worldwide network of associates who serve as translators, facilitators, coaches, and consultants that utilize J2N Global materials to coach many of the largest and most successful companies in the world. This global experience gives Bill a relevant understanding of diverse cultures and learning styles. His most recent creations grew from his broad-based consulting and coaching expertise and his Ed. D. professional development course work at Columbia International University.

Bill is the author of Journey to Newland: A Road Map for Transformational Change.

Successful teams and organizations worldwide use the Journey to Newland story as a road map to lead change, manage transition, and transform individuals. The Journey to Newland storybook provides readers with a cast of memorable characters, an engaging story, and a common language to deal with complex and often emotionally sensitive issues in negotiating change within their organizations. This symbolic story follows a group of animal characters through uncharted territory, from Oldland to Newland.

The characters represent various change mindsets and behaviors, how we deal with change, and how others experience us through change. Navigating such metaphorical places as Nostalgia Desert, Transition Valley, and Leverage Lake, the transformer team – comprised of Eagle, Owl, Lion, Dolphin, and Ant – finds a way to survive, even thrive by overcoming resistance and leading change. “Journey to Newland” skillfully and creatively illustrates the process, principles, and capabilities required for successful transformational change.

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Dave Bennett

J2N Global Certified Facilitator

Dave Bennett, a certified J2N Facilitator, previously worked in the Intralogistics industry to focus on material handling solutions for a top market mover. Dave has held several different leadership roles within operations, aftermarket services, parts distribution, sales, and marketing.

Dave connected with J2N Global when a former organization used the J2N process and platform during a leadership transition and a cultural transformation. When he discovered his principles aligned with the J2N principles of Respect, Trust, and Influence, he found growth as a leader to improve himself while influencing growth within teams and organizations. That first-hand journey led him to join the J2N team, where he helps transform leaders and organizations engaging in J2N principles, content, and process.

Rick Cobb

J2N Global Investor/Board Member

Rick Cobb is an inquisitive entrepreneur and business leader who advises international partnerships and go-to-market strategies for J2N. Before selling his previous company to NTT Data, Aster Group was recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest-growing, privately-held businesses. At NTT Data Business Solutions (formerly itelligence Group), he served as SVP in various roles.

With 25 years of technology services experience in executive and sales roles, Rick enjoys growing businesses and shaping organizational culture. Rick’s blend of education (HR business degree and MBA) and business experience uniquely positions him to provide effective business consulting to executive leadership.

International Partners

SE Asia – SEAC

SEAC (Southeast Asia Center) is the Association of Southeast Asian Nation’s most innovative and dedicated Lifelong Learning Center, inspiring growth and change for a better future through curated lifelong learning courses. SEAC infuses people with a learning mindset and the curiosity to discover boundless possibilities, helping people realize their ability to learn at all stages of life. SEAC provides comprehensive and innovative programs, experiences, and community – a trustworthy Lifelong Learning Ecosystem – to help people develop the desire and capability to build better outcomes for themselves, their families, organizations, and ultimately, society.

China – VC

As the exclusive partner of J2N Global in Greater China, Visionary Consulting was established in Shanghai in 1998. Visionary Consulting’s solutions bring about business innovation and product enhancements. With a combination of global perspective and local expertise, thoughtful guidance, and practical experience, Visionary Consulting provides customized consulting, training, and executive coaching for clients, including Fortune 500 companies, famous domestically listed companies, and large-scale state-owned companies.

During the past 10 years, Visionary Consulting’s Transformational Change practice has grown and been awarded honors by several organizations. In 2019 Visionary Consulting was awarded as “China Brand” by CCTV (China Central Television). Never forgetting their roots, Visionary Consulting also has made a significant contribution to the cause of public good, helping those in need.