Why J2N?

How We Create Long-Lasting Change and Trust to Boost Your Success

3 ways J2N empowers transformational change by influencing leaders to embrace and thrive.


We use a research-based platform that consistently resonates with leaders and teams to create meaningful results.

J2N Global brings the energy of Tony Robbins and the magic of Walt Disney to engage companies using a universal metaphor to motivate and inspire leaders.

J2N’s principle-based change leadership consulting helps organizations prepare for inevitable disruptions, empowering leaders to turn uncertainty into opportunities using a simple, universal platform to inspire authenticity and agility to manage and lead change.

The Journey to Newland storybook provides readers with a cast of memorable characters, a captivating story, and a common language to deal with complex and often emotionally sensitive issues in negotiating change within their organizations with an engaging fable.

This symbolic story follows a group of animal characters through uncharted territory, from Oldland to Newland. The characters represent various change mindsets and behaviors, how we deal with change, and how others experience us through change.

Navigating such metaphorical places as Nostalgia Desert, Transition Valley, and Leverage Lake, the transformer team—comprised of Eagle, Owl, Lion, Dolphin, and Ant—finds a way to survive, even thrive by overcoming resistance and leading change. “Journey to Newland” skillfully and creatively illustrates the process, principles, and capabilities required for successful transformational change.

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What Clients are Saying about the J2N Experience


We help organizations lead, change, and grow successfully using compelling experiences to build respect and trust, often assisting people in transforming both professionally and personally.

J2N has helped organizations of all sizes lead, change and grow for more than 15 years, including such market leaders as EA, Nike, IBM, Coca-Cola, GE, Sony, General Mills, Adidas and Bank of America, to name a few. Here’s how we do it.

  • Stay or become #1 in your field
  • Attract, keep, develop your best talent and leaders
  • Increase performance results through a “leader of leaders” culture
  • Create a winning culture where the mindset is rewarded just as much as a skill set
  • Be agile and more change ready
  • Lead and manage change and transition
  • Improve, change, or merge teams and cultures
  • Apply proven strategies for dealing with resistance to change
  • Improve cross-functional and multi-level collaboration
  • Cultivate an open and innovative environment
  • Increase your personal, team, and organizational capacity and sustainability
  • Attract and keep the top talent to fuel your organization

We help increase retention keeping and attracting the best talent to work to fulfill your mission to be the best in your industry.

“It’s a very, very powerful tool when used effectively and consistently, can help you unlock the true potential that exists within your organization, give you a community that is sustainable, repeatable, and scalable, and ultimately puts you in a position to win in the marketplace.”

-Kevin, Chief Human Resources Officer

“What J2N did was give us a system and a framework to communicate better with each other and drive business results by working closer together. J2N created a platform for transformational change as we needed to reset company culture and bring people together. All this while simultaneously unlocking our business for growth!”

-Tim, CEO

“Since entering into the J2N process, we’ve developed a new level of respect and trust for each other, which ultimately has helped to drive positive business results.”

-Tom, Sales Manager