“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction
that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

You + J2N = Leadership Capability, Change Readiness, and Optimal Performance

Journey to Newland Series

The J2N Series is a collection of J2N content that can help you lead, change, and grow and is designed with multiple delivery options: speeches, overviews, group sessions, coaching, consulting, and customized instructional design for new or existing organizational development strategies.

Parts: 1 – 6

J2N Keynote
Are You Leading Change or Is Change Leading You?
J2N Experience
Principles and Practices for
Transformational Change.
J2N Solution
Building a Leadership and Change Capability Culture
for Innovation and Operational Performance
J2N Adventure
Lead. Change. Grow.
J2N Essentials
Creating Cross-Functional and Multi-Level
Engagement, Collaboration, and Performance
J2N Five
Leadership Capabilities for Change Readiness
and Optimal Performance

Parts: 7 – 12

J2N Road Map
Principles, Practices, and Processes
for Transformational Change
J2N Culture
RTI = ROI System for Making Culture
Your Best Strategy
J2N Pre-Journey
Preparing for Your Change Journey
J2N Strategy
Strategic Planning, Engagement,
and Implementation
J2N Coaching
Skillful Guidance for Transforming
Yourself and Leading Others
J2N Design
Customized instructional design integrating J2N
content with organizational performance objectives