The Power of Mindset

Discover how Ford’s new mindset led to a fundamental business shift

When you are tapped to lead a digital transformation project or a diversity initiative, where do you start? What do you leverage first when you need to create a shared service organization, develop an offshore business model, or lead a post-merger integration team?

  1. Strong team
  2. Mindset
  3. […]

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How Do You Communicate Strategic Change?

Building a foundation of principle-centered capability will help you thrive

By Bill Poole

Part 4 of 4

 A leader with a Micro-Manage Mindset (MM) talks at employees, not with them. It is as though everyone speaks different languages at every level. Anything a leader with MM says is interpreted as a distortion of what they are trying […]

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Overcoming Strategic Change Choke Points

If we can identify and solve common choke points, we can remove obstacles that keep us from our best

By Bill Poole

Part 3 of 4

 In his book Simplexity: Why Simple Things Become Complex (and How Complex Things Can Be Made Simple), Jeffery Kluger illustrates how complex problems are often caused by simple “choke points.” Traffic […]

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Leader of Leaders Mindset

When the Great Change knocks, are you opening the door to opportunity?

By Bill Poole

Part 2 of 4

When the Great Change arrives, someone with Micro-Manage Mindset (MM) devises a strategy.  MM directs fellow executives and managers to launch passionate emails showing plunging profit reports and orders meetings to warn every one of the dire situation—thinking it […]

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The Great Change Is Here. Now What?

If we don’t transform our mindsets, we risk our very survival

By Bill Poole

Part 1 of 4

The raging winds of the Great Change sweeping across our world threaten to turn our once stable, vibrant economic landscape into a desert of withering growth, parched profits, barren business models, nervous leaders, and an anxious workforce.  Some companies […]

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