Three Phases of Transition Advice Leaders Should Understand to Reach Goals Every Time

Do you know the difference between change and transition?

Change is situational—it involves changing from one situation or context to another. For example, I change how I invoice customers; I use new software; I relocate to another home or office. Change is behavioral. You can get people to change their behavior and hold them accountable […]

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How to Keep Momentum for Successful Transitions

7 practical ways you can implement to keep a strong momentum

Keeping the momentum up through transition is paramount, as many change initiatives fail because they simply run out of steam and lose momentum. One of the most overlooked elements of transformational change is not planning or budgeting adequately for short-term wins that create motivation […]

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2021 Ryder Cup Team Demonstrates What Transformational Leadership is All About

In the change leadership book, Journey to Newland: a Roadmap for Transformational Change, a coalition of diverse friends decide to leave the familiar turf of Oldland, overcome resistance to change, and make the challenging journey to Newland.

This weekend at the 2021 Ryder Cup, spectators witnessed a coalition of a dozen diverse athletes come together to […]

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